International Workshop on Recent Advances in Digital Security: Biometrics and Forensics (BioFor 2023)

September 11, 2023

14:00 - 17:20


Time line



14:00 - 14:15



14:15 - 14:35

Generalized Deepfake Detection Algorithm based on Inconsistency between Inner and Outer Faces 

Jie Gao (NPU)*;
Sara Concas (University of Cagliari);
Giulia Orrù (University of Cagliari);
Xiaoyi Feng (NPU);
Gian Luca Marcialis (University of Cagliari);
Fabio Roli (University of Genova)

14:40 - 15:00

Real-time Multiclass Face Spoofing Recognition Through Spatiotemporal Convolutional 3D Features

Salvatore Giurato (Università degli Studi Di Catania)*;
Sebastiano Battiato (Università di Catania);
Alessandro Ortis (University of Catania)

15:05 - 15:25

Morphing-Attacks against Binary Fingervein Templates

Tobias Mitterreiter (University of Salzburg);
Jutta Hämmerle-Uhl (University of Salzburg);
Andreas Uhl (University of Salzburg)*

15:30 - 16:00

Coffee break

16:05 - 16:25

Human-in-the-loop Person Re-identification as a Defence against Adversarial Attacks 

Rita Delussu (University of Cagliari)*;
Lorenzo Putzu (University of Cagliari);
Emanuele Ledda (Università degli studi di Genova);
Giorgio Fumera (University of Cagliari) 

16:30 - 16:50

A Robust Approach for Crop Misalignment Estimation in Single and Double JPEG Compressed Images 

Giovanni Puglisi (University of Cagliari)*;
Sebastiano Battiato (Università di Catania)                       

16:55 - 17:20

Discussion and closing